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ABET - Education and Training Development Practitioner; FARMING - Training & Mentorship; LRAD - Project design and Business plan; Rural Development; General Secretarial Services; Property Sales

For fifteen years, Wanyuka has been training agricultural students in commercial farming principles.   Training constitutes living on the farm, or visiting different areas in the province, having lectures from study notes printed and bound by herself; and thereafter practical application of what has been learnt.   Varied training courses are designed and developed and training groups include agricultural students ranging from those who are illiterate to those who have matriculated at school and lecturing has to cover this range.   Training is conducted at an ABET level to facilitate maximum understanding.

Groups have been and are currently being assisted in their LRAD projects with registration of their legal entities, training in their legal entities, construction of business plans and bank loan applications.   Business plans include feasibility, budgets and financial projections/cash flows.

Wanyuka does network with other professionals where necessary.

“Taking training to the people.”